Budgie Smuggler Games (BSG) is a diverse array of tabletop, design, and gaming industry veterans dedicated to creating fun, easy-to-play gaming experiences. BSG content creators have produced official gaming content for industry legends like Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Leviathans, BattleTech, and more!


We believe that gaming should be fun and easy to access, affordable, and make you feel like you are part of the stories you read, as well as being welcoming to all types of people and players.

Our stories and games are designed to allow new fans to gain a quick understanding of our realms and games, and for more experienced fans to find the depth and detail they hunger for, whilst keeping game play fast and engaging.

Gaming is a place to make friends and tell stories, some of which will last a lifetime, and sharing this passion for games and interesting stories with others is the most enjoyable part of what we do.


Empower Diverse Voices

The opportunity afforded to BSG as a creator of universes will be used to help diverse voices tell their stories. BSG will actively seek out talented contributors from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to provide equity of voice and the opportunity to communicate their work and stories authentically.

No Tolerance for Intolerance

BSG is an inclusive group. Therefore, there is no place for hate speech, or for calling for or inciting violence, exclusion, or segregation. This includes attacks on people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or serious medical conditions or any other aspect of who a person is.

Under no circumstances will any of the above be tolerated towards a fellow contributor or member of the public, whether done publicly or privately. Anyone doing so will incur an immediate lifetime ban from all BSG online and offline activities, events, and discussions.

Respect for Culture

BSG, in creating a diverse future universe where all of humanity is celebrated, will ensure that it is respectful of culture not its own. BSG will always seek advice on how to represent other cultures with respect, avoiding tokenism and stereotyping, and properly honour, acknowledge, and compensate those who provide the advice and input that will allow BSG to do so.


BSG will be open and honest with its customers, partners, and staff. Though there may be times information must be withheld for legal or business reasons, BSG will always endeavour to communicate in an open and friendly manner.

Mutual Support and Care

Within BSG and in the larger communities we seek to foster and grow, BSG will endeavour to create places where mutual respect and decency prevail, where all are welcome, as long as they are welcoming to all in the community. Where part of the BSG game’s community may need spaces within which to communicate privately, where BSG has the ability to, it will create such spaces.

Open Collaboration and Treating all Contributors with Respect

Within BSG, all members of the team, when asked to do so, will be supported in the presentation of ideas and plans. All work we produce will be the product of many minds and views and all contributors and their ideas will be respected. Though every idea may not get used, BSG will ensure that every idea is heard and discussed.


We want to bring vast and immersive gaming universes to life, where fans and players can laugh with each other, build deep attachments to characters and stories and build a wonderful and inclusive community as we do so.

It’s that simple.


We have brough together a core team of writers and artists from across the world as our first step in building up our flock of Budgies. Our next step is going to be building diverse writing group and an equally diverse art team that will help tell varied and interesting stories which give voice and agency to those who might otherwise not be heard in such spaces. We also want to build a volunteer group for playtesting that reflects the same ethos.

We will put out periodic calls for contributors, and if you want to be considered for work, please enter your email so that we can ensure you get notified when we are open to pitches and submissions.


Have a question about Budgie Smuggler Games and what we do? Feel free to shoot us a message. You can email us directly at contact@budgiesmugglergames.com or message us through this handy web form!